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801 North Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21205

*This activity is only for KKI Trainees

October 26, 2021 – Parent Perspectives on Autism: What Families Want Clinicians and Healthcare Providers to Know
Elizabeth Benevides, Family Consultant, Training Advisory and Curriculum Committee
Jane Plapinger, Parent
Devan Southerland, Parent
In this session, parents of children and young adults with autism will share their experiences and challenges with doctors, therapists, clinicians, and others involved in their care. Presenters will:
1. Share personal stories of diagnosis, treatment, and coordinated care
2. Offer a “Top 10 Tip List” for dealing with families
3. Discuss the transition to adulthood
4. Participate in a Q&A, informative for all disciplines

Please contact Theresa Mayo at for Zoom information