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1741 Ashland Ave Baltimore, MD 21205, 812A Conference Room

*This event is for faculty and staff*

Family Centered Care Series:  Issues for Families:  Focus on Siblings 

Louise Heck, LCSW-C –Social Worker 

Sibling Panel 

This presentation will: 

Sensitize participants to the effects of living with a brother or sister with a disability. 

Help participants understand the effects on: family relationships’, relationships with peers, and shaping the personality and career decisions of the sibling. 

Help participants gain a greater understanding of the range of emotions faced by siblings, such as resentment, worry, anger, and sadness. 

Help participants learn coping strategies for siblings that they can share with families. 

Provide suggested readings and videos on sibling issues that trainees can share with families. 

Help professionals learn ways that they can be more responsive to the needs of sibling.