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**This event is open to the public, and is appropriate for professionals and paraprofessionals working with children from birth to five years of age seeking to learn more about how trauma impacts young children and the treatment options available. **


This four-part webinar series of one hour presentations will examine how trauma influences various aspects of a child’s well-being including their development, mental health and capacity to build relationships. Presenters include an Occupational Therapist, Rostered Child Parent Psychotherapy Practitioner, and a Clinical Social Worker certified in Parent Child Interaction Therapy.  This series includes presentations on trauma and development, trauma and attachment building treatments, intergenerational trauma and the impact of separation trauma on mental health.  Attendees will learn how trauma impacts child development and how occupational therapy can work in conjunction with mental health services to support children. Presenters will provide information, case examples, and therapeutic strategies that can be used to support children who have experienced trauma early in their life. This webinar will be primarily lecture-based with accompanying slides, videos, short group discussion and live questions and answers.  


Target audience:   Suitable for introductory or intermediate level professionals and paraprofessional with some experience in working with young children or an interest in learning how trauma impacts young children and the treatment options available to children and families to address these traumas.


Learning Objectives:

Attendees will be able to:
1.    Describe how children under five may present after experiencing trauma.
2.    Explain how intergenerational trauma might impact caregivers and their capacity to meet emotional and mental health needs of children. 
3.    Discuss various treatment options available to support children and families who have experiences trauma.
4.    Differentiate between occupational therapy and mental health therapy and describe how both can be applied for children under five who have a trauma history.


The presenters has no actual or potential conflict of interest and/or commercial support relevant to this presentation.


This is a FREE event and CEs are available.

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