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Molecular and cellular dissection of social behavior circuits in mice

How does the enormous cellular diversity of the brain orchestrate behaviors that are precisely coordinated with external and internal signals? Dr. Bambah-Mukku will present a new approach that was  developed to map the brain at single cell and single molecule resolution, allowing him to create a molecularly and functionally defined map of cells in the hypothalamic preoptic region, and discover cells involved in parenting, mating and aggression.

He will also talk about a second project involving the discovery of a group of cells in the hypothalamus that process pheromonal information to gate sex-specific displays of mating and aggression. The underlying general principle that emerges is that architecturally similar circuits can be modulated differently according to the sex and physiological state of the animal, leading to different behavioral outputs.

Monday, February 24 at 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Mountcastle Auditorium, PCTB