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The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Building at 1741 Ashland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21205

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Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices are computer, tablet, or stand-alone speech systems that provide an alternative method of communication. These devices may be used by people who cannot produce speech or sign language for communication or by people who experience communication breakdowns when others don’t understand their speech. Use of AAC devices can be life changing for people with these needs.


During this event, we will hear directly from people who use AAC (PWUAAC) as a method to replace or repair natural communication. The presenters will share valuable insights, experiences, and tips for communication partners, families, and clinicians. All presenters use alternative access methods for their AAC devices such as eye tracking, scanning, or joystick/mouse control.


This session will include these topics and more:

Discussion and demonstration of AAC as a primary communication method and as a method for repairing communication breakdowns. Perspectives on how  SLPs, OTs, and others working with PWUAAC can best support their clients, family members, and friends to be successful communicators with everyone. Perspectives on the dual use of an AAC system for communication and alternative access of computers. Perspectives on how others should respond when interacting with someone who uses AAC. Personal experiences with use of AAC devices in public settings. Perspectives on how to best create relationships with others as a PWUAAC. Perspectives on education and the importance of literacy for PWUAAC.


CEUs:  Kennedy Krieger SLPs participating in this event will be eligible to earn 0.15 ASHA CEUs.


*Lunch is not included, but you are permitted to bring your own lunch to this event.

For any questions related to this event, please email Lauren Tooley