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Neurorehab Inpatient Rounds: Brain Injury

Main Hospital and Research Labs, Room 510
707 North Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21205

*This event is for Faculty and Staff*

Rounds are held weekly to discuss a subset of Rehabilitation inpatients. Each patient is discussed in detail by interdisciplinary team members from the respective treating disciplines. Patients are presented every second week during admission, or more frequently as needed, and at the time of discharge. All professionals who treat the patient present a synopsis of the presenting problems being treated by their respective disciplines, progress to date including objective data tracked on the treatment plan, and sebsequent plans. The weekly hour-long meeting serves to update the team on patient progress, identification of problems, evaluation and restructuring of treatment programs and goals as indicated and allows for ongoing discharge planning. Discussion of individual patients is limited to 5-10 minutes. Should more time be required for a patient, the professionals comprising the interdisciplinary team, schedule a Re-Steering. These discussiona are documented in the patient record in the daily progress notes by the social workers.

Wednesday, October 23 at 12:10pm

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