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“Toward a Racially Just Workplace”

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 11am to 11:50am

Virtual Event

What can we learn from experiences of race, work and leadership, and how can we apply these insights toward growing and retaining a diverse, inclusive and culturally responsive workforce? How does inattention to race, work and leadership undermine organizational performance and community vitality? Drawing from a compilation of research studies, the presentation will highlight key challenges in gaining access, authenticity, advancement, authority and accountability. Dr. Roberts will then propose three critical steps for attracting, developing and retaining a diverse, inclusive, equitable and just workforce: Acknowledge, Affirm and Act.


Learning objectives:
1. Recognize why and how race matters at work and the difficulty that organizations and their members face in addressing racial injustice, including the subtle but persistent instances of inequity.
2. Apply three steps (acknowledge, affirm, act) to create a greater organization-wide understanding and awareness of racial inequalities and why they matter at work, and a more profound commitment to lead change. 
3. Create a forum in which employees and stakeholders of color will feel heard and seen by amplifying their experiences in workplaces and communities.
4. Engage and support colleagues and stakeholders as an ally and hold oneself accountable as a member of the organization and community.